Avoiding Car Accidents in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a beautiful state, full of incredible natural landmarks that draw thousands of people each year to lakes and ski resorts alike. But travel to some of these attractions can pose unique unforeseen car accidents. Here are some tips from car accident lawyer Monteith Law for safe driving in New Hampshire.

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“Brake for Moose it Could Save Your Life”

Although this warning might not seem so appropriate if you come from a state with a large moose population, if you don’t: prepare yourself. Moose collisions are very common in New Hampshire. Considering the fact that an adult moose can weigh upwards of sixteen hundred pounds, it is no wonder that these incidents are taken seriously. Moose have the capability to cause some serious damage to your car and its occupants. To avoid this, there are a few things you should remember:

Pay attention to the warning signs: There will almost always be some sort of “head’s up” in the miles ahead of a frequent moose collision zone. Moose generally do not have a set time at which they cross roads or move in large numbers, so you will have to be extra vigilant in these areas

Drive slowly and carefully: This is especially important. Driving at high speeds lessens your ability to react to unforeseen obstacles in the road. In addition, distractions can contribute to less reaction time and at high speed, the impact of a collision is increased greatly.

Be very careful around sunset and sunrise: Members of the deer family, like moose, tend to be more active during this time of the day; be on the lookout for groups of them attempting to cross the road.

Watch the Speed Limits

New Hampshire has a great deal of small towns. Consequently, there are many rapid changes in speed limits, often with little warning. To avoid getting a speeding ticket, or worse a head on collision, follow these tips:

Once again, drive slowly: After all, you are likely here to take in the sights. There’s no need to rush! In addition, driving slowly will help you to be prepared for the sudden speed changes without having to resort to slamming on your brakes.

Stop and smell the roses: If you see a spot that you think would make for a great family portrait, don’t hesitate to halt your drive for a quick photo session.

Falling Trees

Falling trees pose a significant hazard to sightseers, especially during storms. However, this hazard can be avoided fairly easily with a bit of foresight and planning. The main thing to remember is:

In a thunderstorm, your car is the most secure place to be: It is a terrible idea to get out of your car or park underneath a tree. In doing those actions, you increase your chances of getting hit by a falling tree exponentially. Simply keep driving, albeit slowly and with extreme caution.

Even following these guidelines and utilizing your own common sense, accidents still happen. The sad fact is, there are negligent drivers out there, and sometimes there is nothing you can do. If you were on the receiving end of the bad decisions of a careless driver, you have extensive rights to medical compensation and payment for your pain and suffering. If injured as a result of a negligent driver in NH, you should consider speaking with a car accident lawyer in New Hampshire with the experience in car accident lawsuits.