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Posted on: January 14, 2021

Car accident lawyer in Manchester NH

New Hampshire is a beautiful state, full of incredible natural landmarks that draw thousands of people each year to lakes and ski resorts alike. But travel to some of these attractions can pose unique unforeseen car accidents. Here are some tips from car accident lawyer Monteith Law for safe driving in New Hampshire. “Brake for […]

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Posted on: October 8, 2020

Manchester NH Transit Authority Accident Lawyer

I was Injured in a Manchester transit authority accident in NH Traveling safely while out and about is important. For many people, that means taking advantage of New Hampshire’s bustling public transportation system. Buses are a great way to get you where you need to go in a timely and efficient manner. Unfortunately, even the […]

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Posted on: June 9, 2020

How much should I ask for a Personal Injury Settlement? Making the choice to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in New Hampshire can be difficult but determining exactly how much compensation you should seek is often even more overwhelming. Some aspects of this determination process are straightforward, such as existing medical bills that were incurred […]

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Posted on: May 13, 2020

Car accident lawyer nh

The Office of Highway Safety reported recently that traffic-related deaths in New Hampshire are up by 70 percent when compared to 2019. Traffic-related deaths are up in NH. The spike was noticeable since New Hampshire State Police reported a year-over-year 30 percent drop in traffic deaths in 2020. The commander of highway safety, Capt. William […]

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Posted on: May 12, 2020

increase my personal injury claim NH

What are the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit in NH? Lawsuits can be taxing and often require both time and money to successfully pursue. For this reason, many clients are hesitant to commit to a lawsuit if they aren’t sure that they have a good chance of winning. This is a completely understandable […]