Boating Accidents

Boating Accident Lawyer - Manchester NH

In the state of New Hampshire, there are many lakes as well as the ocean coastline to enjoy. Boating enthusiasts often head out on the open water to enjoy the sunshine and waves. Families as well as couples and individuals often take part in outdoor activities on a regular basis. Boating is a popular leisure activity in the state, with drivers required to be at least 16 years of age to operate the water vehicles. Without proper knowledge and licensing, individuals can be at risk of injuring themselves or others.Boating accident lawyer in Manchester NH

At the law office of Richard Monteith in Manchester NH, we focus on personal injury cases, including those involving boating accidents. Unfortunately, boating accidents due occur and when someone is at fault, litigation may be needed for the victim to receive just compensation for injury or lost wages.

Boating Accidents

When a boating accident occurs, the police or marine authorities will review the accident and determine who is at fault. Accidents can occur and everyone is fine while others may cause injury or loss of live regarding those involved. Property damage, the expense of injury, time lost at work, pain and suffering are just a few examples as to how compensation may be owed to the victim. A personal injury attorney’s office will need to review the accident and determine if compensation should be awarded. If so, a claim can be filed on your behalf.

In New Hampshire, boating injuries are not limited to a collision. When vessels capsize, faulty equipment is present, or slippery surfaces can lead to injury. Our Manchester, NH attorneys’ can help you review the conditions of your accident or injury and file the appropriate claim for you.

Under the Influence

While out on the open water, many boat riders partake in alcohol consumption. For the driver, this is a big no-no. However, there are drivers that do not heed the drinking laws and end up with an above average blood alcohol content level and cause an accident. The maximum amount legally allowed is 0.08%. If an operator has a blood alcohol content level above that percentage they can be charged with Boating Under the Influence. In New Hampshire, this charge has serious consequences.

The outcome of such activity can be serious injury or death to another individual. A person who is convicted for Boating Under the Influence can face fines, community service as well as jail time. When you are involved in an accident and injured due to the drinking activity of a driver, then you have a legal right to file a claim against that individual.

Attorney Richard Monteith is an experienced boating accident lawyer and is happy to assist with boating accident claims. If you have been subject to an accident on the water due to the negligence or careless actions of another individual, we want to help you. Contact our office today so we can schedule an appointment and get started working on your case. Our attorneys are experienced in boating accident claims and can easily get the ball rolling for your individual case. Give us a call today.