Boating Accidents Attorneys in New Hampshire

Every year, more and more visitors, vacationers and residents flock to the lakes and waterfronts throughout New Hampshire. With so many people taking advantage of boating and life on the water, there are naturally a high number of boating accidents in New Hampshire. In fact, thousands of accidents occur every year. If you have been the victim of a boating accident while being on a boat, skiing, or swimming, you may be entitled to compensation. Boating injury attorney Kevin E. Buchholz will take the time to listen to the details of your New Hampshire boating accident and determine what may be the best course of action and what kind of settlement you may deserve.

Boating accidents can occur due to the negligence or recklessness of another. Some situations in which another party may be held liable for a boating accident in New Hampshire may include:

  • Inexperienced operators
  • Excessive speed on the water
  • Mechanical failure
  • Illegal actions such as boating while intoxicated
  • Water or weather conditions not conducive to the speed or way a boat is being handled
  • Otherwise reckless maneuvers or operations that put others at risk for injury

Boating Negligence

When a boat operator has acted negligently or recklessly and has collided with another water craft, skier or swimmer, serious injuries can occur. Those injuries can include burns, lacerations, head injuries, broken bones, amputations, and even hypothermia for those who are trapped in the water for an extended period of time until help can arrive. Those injuries can lead to the need for life long medical care and extensive medical bills. The trauma from a boating accident in New Hampshire can also leave unseen scars that can be difficult to put a value on. The time it may take to recover from any boating accident injury can also translate to time off of work, which can have a massive impact on your finances. For those who are severely injured at the hands of a reckless or negligent boater, the injuries can be truly life-altering as the victim may not ever be able to work again.

Don’t Settle For Less!

Hiring an injury attorney who is experienced in boating laws and regulations in New Hampshire can not only help deal with the aftermath of a boating accident, but will also ensure you get the settlement you need to recover. All too often, insurance companies try to get victims to settle for less than they need. When you have Kevin E. Buchholz as your legal representative and advocate, the insurance company will know you are fully aware of your rights and will not settle for less than you deserve. With his expert negotiating skills and knowledge about New Hampshire boating accident laws, Kevin E. Buchholz is the ideal choice for aggressive and compassionate representation for any boating accident injury case.

Kevin E. Buchholz will help you navigate your personal injury case, line up any experts needed, investigate the cause of the accident, and fight to protect your rights so you get the settlement you need and deserve. Call today for a free case evaluation!