Can I Sue a New Hampshire Company for Covid – 19 Infection?

Health Safety from Negligent Business Owners?

As the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to infect thousands around the world, many people are still determining where they were exposed to the virus and how they or a loved one ended up infected. The answer can be complicated, but in the United States, one common answer will undoubtedly be “in public”, be that at work, on a flight, or at a restaurant. The majority of individuals will become sick while out and about, in other words, and the question of responsibility naturally arises. Can you sue a company for a health safety violation from negligent business owners? Covid-19 Lawyer in NH

When were you exposed?

One major factor that impacts your ability to sue for Covid-19 in New Hampshire is when you were exposed. There are many people who became infected after airplane travel or close contact in a restaurant, for example, but if they were infected before the dangers of COVID-19 became apparent, then the business owners themselves might not be expected to have changed their business practices. If you were infected after it can be assumed the business should have reasonably been aware that the dangers were present, on the other hand, then your chance at a successful legal claim might change.

Personal Responsibility

Another factor that plays into suing a business for exposure to COVID-19 is how you were exposed. If you can prove that the non-essential business you attended or worked for had knowledge of the State’s New Hampshire Stay at Home Executive Order but allowed you to continue to work or enter the establishment and you or a loved one became sick and or died from the Coronavirus, you might have a case and file to sue for covid-19..

If you knew about the risks and made the decision to engage in potentially dangerous behavior like attending a large gathering or spending time in public, it’s likely that your own personal responsibility will come into play when arguing your case.

The bottom line is that suing a business for exposure to COVID-19 will be tricky. Some businesses, like a cruise line, might be able to be found negligent in their actions if they failed to take all possible precautions to keep their passengers safe after they knew the virus was a danger. Making the case might be more difficult with other businesses, however, and it will not be an easy fight no matter the circumstances. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury attorney is the best way to proceed with your legal complaint.