Car Accident Related Deaths in NH on The Rise

The Office of Highway Safety reported recently that traffic-related deaths in New Hampshire are up by 70 percent when compared to 2019.

Traffic-related deaths are up in NH. The spike was noticeable since New Hampshire State Police reported a year-over-year 30 percent drop in traffic deaths in 2020. The commander of highway safety, Capt. William Haynes, told WBZ-TV that there has also been an increase in speeding on state highways which can lead to higher car accident reports. This is occurring despite a decrease in traffic and travelers due to the new coronavirus.Car accident lawyer nh

On Interstate 95, according to, traffic has dropped at the Maine-New Hampshire border by 61 percent and by 50 percent overall throughout the state, according to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

0 is still in effect in the state — meaning that travel is limited.

State police Tuesday said while they are handling COVID-19 activities, troopers were still responding to car accident calls as well for service and stopping drivers for motor vehicle infractions. And, with increased driving expected with the reopening, they are now requesting drivers slow down and obey posted speed limits, always pay attention to the road while driving, refrain from distracted driving, always wear a seatbelt, and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“With the arrival of spring weather and additional businesses starting to reopen, we have seen an increase in traffic along with increased cases of speeding and distracted driving,” said Col. Nathan Noyes of the New Hampshire State Police. “Don’t be surprised to see additional traffic enforcement in the days and weeks to come, or troopers using personal protective equipment for everyone’s safety.”

State police, Noyes said, were committed to the health and safety of New Hampshire’s residents and visitors throughout this public health crisis.

Credit: Concord Patch

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