Dog Bites

Dog Bite Lawyer - Manchester NH

Pets are a fun addition to any home as they bring joy and love. However some new dog owners are inexperienced with their animal around other animal, dogs and people. When in public or even in your own yard animal attacks are more common than you may think. Animal instincts are to protect themselves and their owners. Dog bites in some cases can cause permanent damage to adults and children. In New Hampshire, many dog owners are unclear on the rules and laws of owner liability when it comes to injury to others by way of the pet. At the law offices of Richard Monteith, we are well-versed in laws pertaining to personal injury and dog bites or dog attacks. By learning more about the regulations, you can determine if compensation is due in your individual case when attacked by a neighbor’s or random pet.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Manchester NH

Strict Liability Dog Bite Law

In New Hampshire, the state has a strict liability dog bite law. This law holds the dog owner responsible for any injury that the pet inflicts in a variety of situations. An individual who has suffered property damage or a personal injury due to a dog can hold the owner liable in a lawsuit. The only time the statue does not apply is if the injured party was committing a civil wrong or trespassing at the time of the injury.

When a dog bite injury occurs, the injured party has to file a civil court case within a three-year time frame based on the statute of limitations for lawsuits involving personal injury. While the law is known as the dog bite law, it does apply to all injures and property damage caused by dogs. The law also covers injuries that may be considered indirectly caused by dogs.

If you have been injured by a dog bite or animal attack in your Manchester, NH community, consult with a dog bite lawyer today. With our help, we can review your case and prepare a claim based on your individual circumstances. Every dog bite or injury case is different. Every client deserves the proper attention to ensure that their legal rights are upheld.

The dog owner may try to say that you were trespassing during the time of injury or that you were committing a civil wrong at the time. If this is untrue, we can help you fight the allegations against you and ensure that the dog owner is held accountable for the actions of their pet.

When it comes to dog injuries, there is also an option when the incident occurs due to the negligence of an individual that is not the owner of the dog. If another party acts in a negligent manner that results in an injury, they can be held accountable due to negligence laws in the state. An example of this would be if you have a child in daycare and a school employee allows a stray dog to remain on the playground and your child is bitten. You can hold the daycare responsible for the incident as they did not use care in removing the dog from the premises to avoid injury.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a dog bite or other injury, give our office a call. We can schedule an appointment for a consultation to review your case and help you file the appropriate claim.