Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer - Manchester NH

During the warmer seasons in Manchester, New Hampshire, drivers begin to see motorcycle riders in heavier numbers. Thousands of riders like to hit the highways and enjoy themselves on their motor vehicles. Unfortunately, when motorcyclists are the most prevalent on the roadways, accidents occur. Not every driver has a respect for motorcycle drivers and wrecks occur due to negligent behavior. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, the law office of Richard Monteith can help.Motorcycle accident lawyer in Manchester NH

In many cases, the motorcyclist is often believed to be at fault in the case of an accident. Biased is often placed against the motorcyclist due to bogus reasoning. However, most motorcycle drivers in NH are careful and readily aware of other drivers due to the disrespect of other vehicle drivers. Their body is exposed, and they are more at risk for injury during a collision. According to NHTSA the number of motorcyclists killed in crashes has dropped since 2018 to almost 5%.

Our attorneys have assisted motorcyclists after an accident, where physical injuries are present, causing major barriers in the life of the driver. Even when full protective gear is worn, a driver can be severely injured, causing paralysis, permanent disability or even death.

Each motorcycle collision is unique, so having the right team by your side is a must. It is important to have your case heard by an experienced motorcycle injury attorney. It can be difficult to present a case involving a motorcycle accident because so many individuals are already prejudice of the driver due to the type of vehicle they are driving. With our help, your case will be heard, and proper compensation provided.

After the Accident

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, taking the right steps is essential to building a case. A police report needs to be filed so that there is official documentation as to who is at fault and what happened during the accident. Have yourself evaluated by medical personnel immediately. Visit the hospital if needed and have medical records available when visiting a personal injury attorney.

When an accident occurs involving a motorcycle and you are not at fault, you may be due compensation based on the negligence of the other driver. Medical records, a police report and other information can be used by our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in NH to build your case. Contacting an injury attorney soon after the accident is the best way to have your individual case reviewed and a claim filed.

As a motorcycle driver, always be aware of your surroundings and know the law. Wear protective gear and obey all traffic laws. When you are involved in an accident, contact police immediately. You will need a record of the event, especially since most people generally assume that the motorcyclist is at fault during an accident.

Keep track of medical paperwork and contact our office immediately. We can then review your case and get the ball rolling to ensure that a claim can be filed if you have legal right to compensation. Contact our office today to discuss your case further and to schedule an appointment for consultation. We look forward to serving you. (603) 389-9259.