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Slip and Fall Lawyer - Manchester NH

There are thousands of slip and fall accidents reported every year. If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident in Manchester NH, it is important to have your case reviewed by an experienced injury attorney. At the law offices of Richard Monteith, we concentrate in personal injury cases and can help evaluate your situation. A slip and fall can occur on ice, dirt, curb side, walkways and can happen due to a lack of warning signs of hazards. These types of falls can occur at a business, a residence or commercial property and result in serious injury. If you feel that the property owner played a role in the accident due to negligence, you may be due compensation for losses.Slip And Fall Lawyer Manchester NH

There are several laws in the state of New Hampshire that can affect a lawsuit based on a slip and fall accident. With our help, we can go over every aspect of your case and ensure that your claim is filed properly to move towards a positive outcome.

Statute of Limitations

No matter your location in the state, be it Nashua, NH or other areas, there is a statute of limitations that applies to slip and fall incidents. In New Hampshire, the injured party has three years to file a claim based on personal injury. The clock starts on the date of the accident, so it is imperative that you speak to a personal injury attorney soon after the slip and fall occurs to get the ball rolling with your case.

Slip and Fall Cases

When filing a slip and fall case, you are claiming that the negligence of the property owner played a role in your accident. You must be prepared to hear the other side make arguments that you are somewhat to blame for the incident. The way your case is argued by your attorney will affect the settlement you receive from the other party.

In New Hampshire, there are laws that apply to personal injury cases that involve shared fault. The statute says that the claimant’s contributory negligence will not act as a barrier for recovery. The injured party can still receive compensation from the other party as long as their portion of fault is not greater than the defendant.

Basically, you have to prove that the other individual is more at fault than you regarding the injury, which can be hard to do given the individual circumstances of each case. By working with our experienced attorneys, we will take the right approach to your case to cover the fault accordingly to help you receive just compensation.

It is crucial to have a strong case against the property owner when claiming a personal injury case due to a slip and fall. Without the evidence to back up your claim, you may lose out on compensation due to the injury, medical bills and lost wages.

If you or a loved one has been subject to a slip and fall due to the negligence of a property owner, give our office a call. We can provide assistance by reviewing your case and determining if you have the right to file a claim for compensation. Contact a NH slip and fall lawyer today to schedule an appointment for review. We look forward to working with you.