Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer - Manchester NH

At the Law Office of Richard Monteith, we focus our efforts on personal injury law. One area in which we serve our clients is Truck Accidents in Manchester New Hampshire. An accident involving a truck can unfortunately happen at any time and be devastating. A tractor-trailer can have a weight up to 80,000 pounds before a permit is required. Such trucks are massive when compared to the average passenger car, which is 5,000 pounds. Add in the speed and roadway complications and a wreck between the two can leave those involved with serious injuries or truck related fatalities in NH.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Manchester NH

Because tractor-trailers are so large and heavy, they cause serious injury and even death on the NH roadways if not properly maintained by the owner and handled correctly by the driver. Critical regulations are currently in place to govern the trucking business. Such regulations include maintenance, lighting, equipment and the conduct of the driver. These regulations are in place to keep the public safe from the massive vehicles. The regulation of the trucking industry falls under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a division of the United States Department of Transportation.

Our attorneys have unfortunately seen many accidents involving tractor-trailers that have been the result of negligent driving behaviors or inefficient maintenance of the vehicle. Such actions put the public at risk. If you have been involved in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you may be due compensation for injuries and other complications such as the inability to work or lost wages.

Serving Manchester, NH and surrounding areas, attorney Monteith is a truck accident lawyer who can assist in helping you claim compensation after being involved in a truck accident. We are ready to hear your case and take the appropriate action to see your legal right upheld.

Unique Dangers

Tractor-trailers pose unique dangers on the roadways. It is extremely difficult to stop the large truck suddenly, even though the vehicle has specialized brakes. Drivers of such vehicles have to be extremely vigilant when on the roadways in traffic in order to stop safely. A driver must have a Commercial Driver’s License to operate the vehicle and follow all safety rules and regulations when on the roadways.

Another factor that makes these vehicles more dangerous is jackknifing. When a tractor-trailer skids, it can cause one side of the truck to swing out. This creates an angle that appears as a jackknife. When the roads are slippery, it can lead to such accidents which affect others on the roadways.

Drivers can also cause accidents due to lack of sleep or over exhaustion. Unfortunately, some companies force their drivers to keep going to meet deadlines. This then ends in heartbreak as the driver falls asleep or is unable to react quickly and an accident occurs. Driving is to be limited and log books maintained to verify when the vehicle is in operation and that all guidelines are being followed.

Litigating a tractor-trailer accident requires the knowledge and experience of a seasoned attorney. There are rules and regulations that must be followed by drivers and their employers. If broken and an accident occurs, the involved party is at fault. If you have been involved in an accident involving a tractor-trailer and feel you are due compensation, contact our office. We are happy to review your case and help you file a claim to seek compensation due to injury or other issues.